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Municipal Authority City of Monongahela

521 West Main Street
Monongahela PA 15063

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  • New Interactive Voice Response and Customer Portal

    The Municipal Authority is pleased to announce that it now offers an interactive voice response (IVR) method of paying bills. Now customers can pay their bill anytime, day or night by calling 1-888-326-3616. You can still call the office number should you have any questions about your bill, but please call 1-888-326-36...
  • Enroll in Auto Pay

    The Authority would like to remind our customers that they can enroll in Auto Pay by visiting the MACM website. It is free and easy to sign up for, and the customer doesn't need to worry about leaving the house to go pay the bill, or go to the Post Office to mail a payment. When enrolled in Auto Pay, the amount due wi...
  • 2022 Fee Increases

    The Board for the Municipal Authority of the City of Monongahela passed a Resolution at its January meeting that will increase the cost of posting notices from $15.00 to $40.00 to help defray rising costs, and to stay current with other local municipalities. The Authority is urging its customers to stay current with th...
  • Pennsylvania PUC lifts Utility Shutoff Moratorium

    On 3/31/21 the Pennsylvania PUC lifted the mandatory utility shutoff moratorium. On April 15, 2021, the Authority was authorized to begin posting and starting water service terminations for seriously delinquent customers. If you received a posting notice, we urge you to contact the office immediately to avoid water ter...
  • East Main Street Lining Project

    The Authority recently completed a slip-lining project on East Main street between Nelson and Sarah Streets on Monday, December 21, 2020. The project was completed by Insight Pipe.
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  • Only Flush Toilet Paper

    do not flush
    As always, it is extremely important to remind all of our residents to not flush anything besides toilet paper down the toilet. This is something that should be practiced on a regular everyday basis. Not only can this be costly and difficult to deal with at sewage treatment facilities, this can also clog a homeowners d...
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