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2023 Sewer Rates

The Board for the Municipal Authority of the City of Monongahela approved the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget at their monthly meeting held on November 16, 2022.

The budget sets expenditures for 2023 at $2,611,953 which results in a decrease in base monthly rates for Monongahela residents of 2.16%. The rate decrease will lower the monthly base fee for those residents using less than 3,000 gallons of water from $42.00 to $41.10 per month (or $50.00 down to $49.10 with the added City Surcharge Fee). Based on required Fiscal Year 2022 revenues, the new rates in effect for the Fiscal Year 2023 will generate sufficient revenues for the 2023 Budget. 

Please note that the rate increase will go into effect when the January bills are mailed out in mid-February.

2023_rates.pdf (105.04 KB)