Frequently Asked Questions

Uh oh, it's officially due date and I forgot to mail in my payment. What should I do?

In addition to mail and the dropbox at the office, customers can now call 1-888-326-3616 at anytime of the day or night to make a payment. We also have a new online customer portal for online payments. Customers can pay via e-check, debit or credit card, schedule future payments, or even perform a quick "guest" checkout

I didn't receive a sewage bill this month. What can I do?

Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time. If you call the office at (724) 258-9598, we can make arrangements to mail, fax, or email you another bill. Bills are generated around the 15th of each and every month and are typically due the first week of the following month.

I get paid next week, but I am driving by the office this afternoon. Can I drop off a check today that has been dated for next week?

Absolutely not. We do not accept post-dated checks. If we receive one, we will send it back to the customer.

Often times, when the office staff has a stack of 500 payments to go through, post-dated checks can sometimes slip through the cracks and inadvertantly get sent to the bank for deposit. The bank will then reject the post-dated check, and the office staff will have to redo the deposit, and change the payment status in our system. This results in headaches for the office staff, the bank, and ultimately, the customer.

What methods of payment does the Authority accept?

We accept cash, checks, and money orders through the dropbox at the office. We also accept and credit/debit cards and e-checks through the new online portal. Please note that there is a small fee to pay with a credit or debit card and an e-check. Customers can also call 1-888-326-3616 anytime to make a payment over the phone.

If your water service has been terminated due to non-payment, we will not accept a check. Cash, money order, or debit/credit (fee) will only be accepted.

I need to stop by and visit. What hours of operation does the Authority conduct business?

The Authority office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Where can I pay my bill, and how can I make a payment?

A bill can be paid in person at our office located at 521 West Main Street in Monongahela. We accept cash, checks, money orders, as well as debit/credit cards (with a small fee).

A bill/payment can also be mailed to PO Box 20, Monongahela, PA 15063.

Note: We can also set up ACH (auto-deduct), or an online payment portal is available so that a customer can setup online payments

I am having a sewer issue. Whom should I call?

Excellent question! Depending on where you live, you can either call the City of Monongahela (258-5500), or the Municipal Authority of the City of Mononghela (258-9598). 

For 90% of our customers, your sanitary (or even storm) sewer is serviced by the City of Monongahela Streets Department. The other 10% of our customers are served by one of the four main trunk lines that run to the treatment plant (or Maple Drive).